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Pacing Myself

One of the funny things about living in Indiana for four years is that I've been to more Pacers games than Bulls games in the past half decade (and that's with one of the games Pacers vs. Bulls).

Now, not that there's anything wrong with the Pacers or Conseco Fieldhouse, but I barely care about the NBA and my built in favorite/hometown team, the Bulls, are way better than this incarnation of the Pacers.

There are a few things I have come to realize, though.

  1. Always accept free skybox tickets. The beer is free.
  2. The Pacers aren't as white as I thought they were (although they're pretty damn white).
  3. The Pacers logo is great.

While I'm one to come in, shake up a team identity and look for improvements from the past, the Pacers have the perfect logo for their team sitting at mid court.

Now, since this isn't exactly a rebrand I guess this would be considered an update.


The Pacers should be commended, in an era when teams get rid of yellow for gold and turn blue into midnight navy, the Pacers have kept their colors reasonable. While I may have made the blue on the uniforms a little bit more blue than their current set, the current Pacer blue is still solid (but it has been getting a little too dark).

As for the design, like I said, I like to look into the past and the Pacers have a great uniform tradition. That being the case, my designs for the home and road are almost complete throwbacks and the alternate is a fauxback that can be worn at Conseco or at the majority of other NBA arenas.


And while Conseco Fieldhouse is a beautiful facility and has a fine court, I thought I woud update the court to make it a bit more unique, like say adding the alternate's striping (which unfortunately goes down the players right side).

Well, that's it for my Pacer Update, I would like to thank the great people over at for once again highlighting my work (here is the link to my Q&A and Nets Rebrand). Please feel free to peruse my site and if you have any uniform or logo requests, feel free to email me here.

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